Multiply Your Bitcoins in a Provably Fair Bitcoin Casino

Who wouldn’t want to double their bitcoins, or maybe even more? You can do just that with some smart play at, which is open to players in the United States. We realize that one of the biggest concerns for online gamblers is the fairness of the games. After all, no one wants to get cheated. That’s why we looked into Bitcoin Casino’s policy of provably fair games to see just how fair its games really are.

The Provably Fair System at Bitcoin Casino

Provably fair games at bitcoin casinos have been around since 2012. Here’s how it works on Bitcoin Casino – the result of every game comes down to a combination of two numbers. One of those numbers comes from a random number generator. To ensure that this number generator is actually creating random numbers every time, a completely independent organization certifies it. The other number is a secret number that comes from Bitcoin Casino’s own algorithm.

With the two numbers created, Bitcoin Casino hashes them together like any other types of data could be hashed with each other. This results in a sequence that is entirely unique and will never occur again. For this reason, the casino refers to the sequence as a fingerprint. The fingerprint determines the result of the game. While this is a somewhat complex process, it all occurs in an instant.

Bitcoin Casino has a totally transparent system with its game results, and as soon as you get your result you can also see the random number, the secret number and the sequence created by the two.

What about the algorithm that Bitcoin Casino uses to create the secret number? There are two ways you can check that it’s functioning properly: either by using the casino’s own widget or downloading a third-party app to check.

Doubling Your Bitcoins

There’s an easy way to double your bitcoins before even playing a game, and that’s getting the generous welcome bonus at Bitcoin Casino. Your very first deposit earns you a 150-percent deposit bonus and 150 free spins. You’ll also get bonuses on your next four deposits, with the amounts being 100 percent, 75 percent, 50 percent and 25 percent. All of those bonuses have a maximum amount of 1 bitcoin.

This means that you’re able to double your money on your first two deposits simply through your deposit bonuses. Of course, as with any other online casino offering a deposit bonus, Bitcoin Casino does have a minimum wagering requirement. The requirement is 40 times the amount of your bonus, which is normal. Online casinos don’t want players to simply score bonuses so they can withdraw them without ever playing a game. You can withdraw your bitcoins at any time, but if you do so before you hit the wagering requirements, you’ll be forfeiting both your winnings and your bonus.

When it comes to online casinos, Bitcoin Casino checks all the boxes. It has a transparent system and games that you can trust. The bonuses it offers are also topnotch and add to the experience.

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